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Welcome to Clinic 360

Clinic 360 offers the best of both worlds by combining the safety and amenities found in hospitals with the personalized touch and comfort of your own home.

Our board certified plastic surgeons provides the perfect talented touch to help you achieve your body contouring and aesthetic concerns.

Our luxurious facility along with our knowledgeable and friendly staff make Clinic 360 the perfect choice to enhance your physical appearance.

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Are You From Out of Town?

Clinic 360 is thrilled to provide efficient and convenient treatment options for our patients from out of town and abroad.

Check out those curves 🤩Beautiful Brazilian Butt Lift results shown at 1 year post-op performed by @dr.m.plant at @clinic360

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We offer surgical procedures to help you achieve your dream body 💫

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, etc ... We are here to help 😎

📲Contact us to set up a free virtual consultation for #PlasticSurgery today! Visit to book or give us a call at 416.360.7360
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Are you considering to toss your push-up bras for breast implants? Give us a call at 416-360-7360 to book a free consultation! ...

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Natural-Looking #BreastAugmentation Performed by @dr.m.plant at📍@clinic360
For price and information please visit us at
Or book a free consultation with us at 416-360-7360

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Breast Lift performed by @dr.m.plant at 📍@Clinic360 🤩 Results are shown here at about 4 months post-op.
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63 going on 23
Has Madonna gone too far with her plastic surgeries and photoshop/filter pictures? 🤔 Let us know what you think!

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Looks like both these Ideal & Silicone Implants passed our Ultimate Durability Red Bottoms Test 😎👠 #implantsolemate
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Breast Augmentation Revision performed by @dr.m.plant at 📍 @clinic360 🤩

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After Breast augmentation patients may notice that their implants sit high on the breast for the first few weeks of their recovery. It's a process that takes time as the breast implants gradually settle into their desired position, taking on a more natural, ‘teardrop’ shape.💧⁣

The drop and fluff process can be affected by several variables including implant size, pre-existing pectoralis tightness, and firmness of your skin and breast tissue. ⁣

👉The “𝘥𝘳𝘰𝘱” is when the implants slowly shift downward and outward as the breast skin stretches and the muscles relax.⁣
👉The “𝘧𝘭𝘶𝘧𝘧” is when the implants fill the lower breast and project more.⁣

Implants typically reach their final position after 3️⃣ months. ⁣

👉 #BreastAugmentation performed by @dr.m.plant

📲Contact us to book a consultation today! or 416-360-7360⁣

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I’d like to thank myself and my surgeon for keeping me looking this good 😌😂

📸 inspired by @drnaomi1

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Just a little Friday humour 😂
Have a good weekend everyone!

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3 Months Post Tummy Tuck performed by @dr.m.plant at 📍 @clinic360

📲If you are interested in #PlasticSurgery, contact us to set up a complimentary consult today! Call 416-360-7360 or visit
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How is a bariatric plate different from a typical healthy eating plate ?
1. Bariatric portion is smaller
2. Healthy eating plate- Vegetables is the first priority, which takes up half the plate - about 1 cup per serving vs. 1/3 cups for a Bariatric plate.
3. Protein is about the same for both plates( about 3 oz.) however, protein should be eaten first on a Bariatric plate to ensure you get your protein intake, then work your way to vegetables, followed by starchy vegetables and whole grains.

Comment below if you follow this guideline?

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🍂 Fall is officially here! Who’s feeling extra chilly these days?

Why does this happen❓⁣
⁣⁣This is due to low heat production and loss of insulation. This is a consequence of losing excess body fat. You can keep yourself warm by wearing multiple layers of clothes. ⁣⁣
➡️ As your body adapts to its new weight, you will return to a state of equilibrium where the chills will go away.⁣⁣
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This is just a reminder, we have so much more to appreciate in life. 💙
Sometimes we get so caught up in our weight loss journey that we forget to appreciate our journey of life and all the “little things” we have, and had accomplished.
Let’s check off this list and have a #feelgoodfriday !
👇Let us know how many signs you checked off this list!

Post inspired by @basharjkatou

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🙌Let’s celebrate another #nsv at @360sleeve ! Our lovely patient can cross her legs now! ...

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Congratulations, you’ve made it this far already! Now you can start adding some real food into your diet. Transition from full liquid to pureed to allow your stomach to adjust to semi-solid food.

👉Note: These recipes are just a general guideline. Eat only as much as your stomach can handle. You can also make bigger portions and save it in the fridge for 1-2 days. Adjust recipe portions accordingly.

💙Breakfast: Cottage Cheese and Blueberry Purée
Steps: Purée all ingredients until it’s smooth like applesauce

💙Lunch: Salmon Carrot Cream Purée
Steps: 1. Steam carrots until soft
2. Steam salmon, make sure there’s no bones
3. Add little bit of grated cheese for flavour
4. Purée until smooth, add more milk until it has an applesauce consistency.

💙Dinner: Bolognese Purée
Steps: 1. Sauté onions, carrots and celery, thyme.
2. Add ground beef, cook.
3. Add pasta sauce or salsa, splash of beef broth and a little bit of grated cheese for flavour.
4. Purée until smooth, add more broth until it reaches an applesauce consistency. Add seasoning

‼️Things to Remember:
🔹Start slowly; with about 1/4 - 1/3 cup of food.
🔹Listen to your body and stop when full.
🔹Take dime-sized bites and sips to prevent eating too fast or too much.
🔹Stop eating if it hurts, your pouch may not be ready for it yet.
🔹Puree ALL FOOD to the consistency of applesauce; smooth with no chunks
🔹Use broth, milk or water to puree with your meats/proteins
🔹Introduce new foods slowly. Give your body some time to react to each new food.
🔹 Your stomach is still healing and solids foods can cause pain.


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We get asked this all the time, “ When is a good time to consider body contouring surgery aka excess skin removal?”
🔹It is best to consider cosmetic surgery when you’re close to your ideal weight as possible and your weight is stabilized. This is usually about 12-18 months after your gastric sleeve surgery. There are a few reasons why we recommend this. 1) During your rapid weight loss, your body is in a negative nutritional balance and is not in the best condition to heal new surgical wounds. 2) The risk of complications from cosmetic surgery decreases as the BMI decrease. 3) Your cosmetic surgery results will look better as you’re closer to your ideal weight.

Call us at 416-360-7360 to book a free consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Mathew Plant.

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Do you have a lot of excess skin following #WeightLossSurgery? At Clinic 360, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that can help you come full circle post bariatric surgery by addressing excess & sagging skin 🙌
For more information and cost please visit our website at or
Contact us for a free consultation at 416-370-7360
Performed by @dr.m.plant @clinic360

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Happy 50th Birthday to our lovely patient! She was sleeved in June, and had lost 50lbs for her 50th! She will be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary in Mexico later on this year.
This is such an amazing #nsv , going dress shopping and actually enjoying it!

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Many WLS candidates struggle with elevated blood pressure which, of course, poses many health risks if left unchecked. One of the benefits of WLS is that, not only can it help patients tackle obesity, but other underlying health issues as well, such as high blood pressure.

A lot of our patients are able to lower their blood pressure post-op due to the weight loss associated with gastric sleeve. What has your experience been with Blood Pressure & Bariatric Surgery?


On the other end of the spectrum, some patients experience low blood pressure following surgery. To avoid this, it’s vital to stay adequately hydrated, get your labs done regularly, keep your electrolytes up and supplement with B12.

To book a complimentary consult, contact us by calling 416.360.7360 or

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✨Meet Dr. Gaid • Anesthesiologist ✨
Dr. Magdi Gaid is an Anesthesiologist
and the medical director at Clinic 360. With over 30 years of experience as an anesthesiologist , he is highly skilled and passionate about what he does.

Dr. Gaid is dedicated to providing relief from pain, including the total care of a surgical patient right before, during and after surgery. He is responsible for providing both medical management and anesthetic care for patients throughout the entire duration of the surgery. He also carefully matches the patient’s anesthetic needs to the medical condition, and other requirements for the surgery.

Book a free consultation consultation with us at 416-360-7360

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At @360sleeve we strive to provide our patients with the highest standard of care every step of the way. 💕

Please share your 360 Sleeve experience with us ! We love to hear your feedbacks.

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