IV Therapy (Intravenous Treatment)

One of the most popular treatments on the rise in Toronto offered by Naturopathic Doctors is Intravenous Therapy. IV Therapy, also known as IV Infusion, is the infusion of a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream for a therapeutic benefit. It can be used to help with some conditions such as nutrient deficiencies, boosting the immune system, increasing energy levels, and fighting oxidative stress. By administering therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids into the veins directly, your body’s tissues can absorb more than through oral administration.

Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy)

Benefits = Fluids + Nutrients

Unlike traditional methods of nutrient delivery such as oral supplements, IV infusion therapy bypasses the gastrointestinal tract which allows for 100% nutrient absorption into the bloodstream. This also allows for a reduction of side effects such as cramping and diarrhea which can occur with some oral supplements. While a well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is necessary for optimal health, many patients require supplementation to achieve a therapeutic benefit. IV Therapy is able to fill in this nutrient gap, safely and effectively. Some other benefits seen with IV Infusion are:

  • General hydration
  • Detoxification of multiple organs
  • Restores energy levels
  • Immune boosting
  • Enhanced cognitive performance
  • Athletic recovery

By providing your body with the building blocks that it needs to function optimally you can improve your health overall.

What to Expect during your IV Therapy at Clinic 360

In order to rule out any contraindications, you will need to have submitted bloodwork that has been done in the last 6 months, or we can provide you with a requisition to have your bloodwork taken before your first IV Therapy.

On the day of your appointment, you will need to drink plenty of water and have had something to eat to ensure adequate blood sugar levels. Once you arrive to Clinic 360, you will meet with our Naturopathic Doctor, who will do a thorough health intake on you. This involves taking your health history, your current medications, allergies and other necessary information in order to provide you with the best possible plan of treatment.

Next you will be guided to sit and relax on one of our reclining sofa chairs. Your arm will be cleaned and prepped, and the IV will then be administered. This is virtually painless and once the fine needle is inserted you will forget that it is even there. Based on the type of infusion you are receiving, the treatment can last 20-60 minutes in length. During the duration of your therapy, you can watch TV, read, browse the internet or use your phone. Once the infusion is complete, the IV will be removed and you will be able to carry on with your day. For subsequent visits, you will not need another health intake and can directly book your next treatment. Many patients notice therapeutic benefit after your first session but it is recommended that you follow up with several treatments for optimal results. Most IV Therapies are cumulative, meaning that you will see a more pronounced effect with subsequent treatments.

What ailments can IV Therapy help with?

IV Therapy is much more than just a hangover cure. It is intended to achieve a therapeutic benefit when food and oral vitamins are unable to do so. Treatments can be tailored to suit what your body needs. IV Therapy at Clinic 360 can support:

  • Dehydration
  • Anti-aging
  • Immunity
  • Weight Loss
  • Energy Improvement
  • Migraines
  • Athletic Performance
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Allergy Relief
  • Inflammation
  • Detoxification
Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy)

Types of IV Infusions

At Clinic 360 our Naturopathic Doctor can tailor a mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your needs and goals. However, here are some of the popular concoctions:

IV Therapy - The Vitality - Vitamin and Nutrient Replenish
IV Therapy - The Quench - Hydration
IV Therapy - Hangover Relief - Re-Energize - Re-Hydration
IV Therapy - The Boost - Cold and Flue Prevention
IV Therapy - The Cleans - Detoxify
IV Therapy - The Energizer Bunny - Athletic Recovery
IV Therapy - Limitless - Cognitive Support
IV Therapy - The Nirvana - Relaxation

Tips Before your IV Infusion

Stay Hydrated- even though IV therapy will rehydrate you, the more hydrated you are before treatment, the easier it is to locate your veins to start the IV.

Eat Some Sugar- some of the IV therapies may cause slight light headedness, we advise eating something before your visit to Clinic 360 in order to avoid this.

Avoid Decongestants & Antihistamines
Both of these medications, constrict your blood vessels and make it much harder to find a vein suitable to start the IV. If you need to take these on a regular basis, you will be advised how to take these before your treatment.

Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) FAQ